Our Projects

The UCSB HBI Research Group is dedicated to understanding the campus community's relationship with SSBs, environmental impacts of our consumption, and social inequities that come along with unsustainable partnerships.

The potential environmental impacts of substituting sugar-sweetened beverages and bottled water with tap water on a university campus.

In Progress

Kyle Meisterling, Jacklyn Vo, Hallie Brown, Marie Tumbleson, Kelly Garvey, David A. Cleveland

The potential net environmental impact of replacing both SSBs and bottled water with
tap water has not been investigated. To address this gap in knowledge we conducted a life cycle
impact assessments (LCIA) of SSBs, bottled water and tap water for one University of California
(UC) campus and used the results to estimate the impact of the counterfactual scenario of
replacing SSBs and bottled water with tap water. We thank UCSB Dining and UCSB Sustainability for supporting this project.

UCSB Parents & Family Weekend Survey Results

November 2nd, 2019

Jacklyn Vo, Hallie Brown, David A. Cleveland

What do students' diets look like at home? How might the UCSB food environment play a role in potentially improving how healthy the diets of students are? What do parents believe should be UCSB's goals for our food and beverage availability? The UCSB HBI Research Team conducted a survey, exploring parent perspectives on food and beverage consumption and sales on the UCSB campus.

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